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Week 6 (08/2/21)


Read through the slides below to learn all about the days of the week! Then have a go at one of the challenges (choosing from mild, spicy or hot). You can look back at the slides or the 'days of the week poster' to help you if you get stuck. Copy and write which challenge you've chosen and the answers into exercise books/onto paper or feel free to print and work directly onto the sheets. 


Read through the slides below to learn all about the months of the year. I've also put the link to a months of the year song that we sing at school (scroll to bottom). Then choose one of the activities below to complete. Although some of the sheets say cut and stick, you can just copy/write questions and answers into your exercise book/onto paper or feel free to print the sheets and work directly onto these. 


Challenge: Can you remember how to write the long date like we do every morning at school? Have a go at writing the long date for toady. Here's an example of yesterday's long date: Monday 8th February 2021

Remember days and months must have a capital letter!

Months of the Year Song | Song for Kids | The Singing Walrus


See if you can have a go at completing these maths stories with missing numbers.

Remember, one number is always given to you and your job is to find out how much you need to add to that number to make it up to 10! 

Try to do this completely independently - no help from any adults and without using any objects to help you count. Luckily, you've got 10 fingers, so you can use these :D 


Today we're looking at solving some missing number addition problems. This is a little different to our normal maths stories, where we are given two amounts that we add together to find an answer. This time we're going to be finding how much we have to add to a given amount to get to a given answer. I've linked a video on the blog explaining and modelling how we can do this so please watch this for support. I've also uploaded a number line and 100 square if you'd like to print these out and use them. Some of you may have these already from the packs you picked up from school or you can even draw out your own number lines :)


Choose the activity that you think will most appropriately challenge you. Feel free to print and work onto the sheets or copy out and answer the maths stories in your exercise books/on paper, making sure to write which challenge you've chosen and the question numbers!


Click on the BBC link below and watch the short video to help you understand what a pictogram is. 

Then see if you can answer the following questions by looking at the pictogram below.

It shows the different fruits that the children in Year 1 chose to have at break time!

(Write the question numbers and answers in your exercise books/onto paper.)


  1. How many bananas are there? _____________
  2. How many strawberries are there?  _____________
  3. Are there more apples or kiwis? _____________
  4. How many more pears are there than grapes? _____________
  5. Which fruit is the favourite?  _____________
  6. Which fruit isn't popular?  _____________
  7. How many children chose strawberries and grapes?  _____________


Once you've done this, log into purple mash and have a go at creating your own pictograms and write some sentences to go with it! (E.g. There are more cats than dogs / There are 10 cars)