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Week 6

Oliver's Fruit Salad - 08/02/21

Listen to our new story for this week, Oliver's Fruit Salad. Can you spot some familiar characters? Are there any similarities or differences between this text and Oliver's Vegetables? Can you make some stick puppets to act out the story?

Labelling fruit from the story - 09/02/21

In your purple book, draw some of the fruit that is used in our story. See if you can label them underneath to practice your handwriting and learn some new spellings.

Describing Fruit - 10/02/21

Today, I would like the children to have a go at writing some sentences. Start by thinking of words you could use to describe a piece of fruit (e.g. banana - yellow, soft, sweet). Then model to your child how we say it in a sentence (e.g. the banana is yellow). Write the sentence with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops and encourage your child to copy it out underneath.

In my fruit salad... - 11/02/21

Today, we’re going to play a little game. Some of you may recognise it as our “On my pizza, I would like..” game. But today, we’re going to change it to “In my fruit salad, I have…”. Complete the sentence verbally first of all, see if your child can add a new fruit to the list each time and see how many they are able to remember.

Model to your child how to write the sentence “In my fruit salad, I have…” and encourage them to copy it into their purple book. What fruit would they add? Can they sound out the fruit they’d like to add? Or copy it from the word mat on the website.

Spellings and Handwriting Practice - 12/02/21