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Week 7

Ideas for an art treasure texture hunt  using things around your house.

Outdoor Activities


Outdoor Activity- Leaf  Identification Trail

TASK (Home Learners)

1.   Look at the attached activity PDF sheet (print if you are able) or look at the image below on this page  

2.   Go on a walk with your activity sheets around your local area and see how many leaves you can identify. 

       If you prefer, you could collect different leaves when out on your walk and see how many you can identify when you

       get home.

ASK ONE – How to make a paper mache pot.

Watch the video below.

Paper Mache pot


TASK TWO – Make your own pot (you might get a bit messy!!!)

You will need:

1 x flower pot or bottle/jar.

1 x tube (containing 3 sheets of newspaper/glue/scissors/dish).

Paper towel

Cling film.


To make the glue: Mix white craft glue with water, ¾ glue ¼ water.  Or mix flour and water together to form a thin paste.


1)   Write your name on your paper towel and put it on the window sill.

2)   Cover the base and sides of your flower pot/bottle with cling film.  

3)   Cut up your newspaper into thin strips about 5cm x 2 cm (do one sheet at a time so that it doesn’t blow away).

4)   Pour a little bit of glue into the dish.

5)   Dip a strip of paper into the glue and stick it onto the cling film covered pot. Take another strip of paper, dip it in the glue and stick it onto the pot, make sure it overlaps the first strip of paper. 

6)   Keep doing this until you have covered the cling film.  You do not need to use loads of glue each time otherwise the paper will be very wet and you will be very messy.

7)   Keep overlapping the strips of paper building up the layers (at least 4) all over the pot.

8)   When you have finished make sure all the ends of the paper are stuck down. 

9)   Carefully remove the flower pot and place your pot rim side down on your paper towel to dry overnight.

10)   (Next day) stand the pot on its base and remove the cling film, allow to dry overnight. 

11)   Once completely dry trim the rim of your pot with scissors and paint it.