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Week 1

Welcome to Year 5! 


For this week's 10 minute challenge, please use the time to familiarise yourself with the Knowledge Organiser for our Ancient Greece Topic.


We'd like you to then complete a mini homework project based on our new topic which will be due next Monday. We'll share lots of ideas in school  and can also send any resources home that may be needed.  


Possible ideas:

  • Research and create a fact file for an area of your choice.
  • Make a Greek dish/ meal.
  • Produce your own piece of Topic inspired artwork.
  • Create a PPT with you top facts.
  • Come up with your top 5 question that you'd like to ask someone from this period in history. As a challenge, what might their answers to your questions be? 
  • Prove, by using evidence (e.g. pictures, facts etc), what a person's life may have been like back in the ancient Greek times. As a challenge, would this have been the case for everyone (consider gender, class etc). 
  • Research and create a timeline of key events. 
  • Design (or even make) clothing or a dwelling that links to this period in history.
  • Film and advert or informative video for Greece.