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Orchard Primary & Pre-School

"Small enough to care, Big enough to inspire"

Who's Who

Meet the Staff!

Our Head Teacher - Mrs Sarah Bitcon

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Deputy Head Teacher:  Mrs Claire Hartley 

Deputy Safeguarding Lead and SENDCo

The Early Years Team:  Miss Marrs and Miss Cooper
The Year 1 Team:  Mrs Cantrill and Mrs Taylor
The Year 2 Team:  Mr Bayliss and  Mrs Wheatley 
The Year 3 Team:  Miss Walters-Mabbott and Mrs Groom
The Year 4 Team:  Miss Jones and Mrs Kaur
The Year 5 Team:  Miss Waterland
The Year 6 Team:  Mrs Brown 
Intervention Team:  Mrs McCullagh, Mrs Hadley and Mrs Williams

Breakfast and After School Club:  Mrs Robley-Dixon, Miss Cooper and Mrs Williams

The School Office:    Mrs Boulton and Mrs Stanton

Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Groom, Mrs Holloway, Miss Norris and Mrs Wheatley


Caterpillars Pre-school

Mrs Evans (Pre School Manager), Mrs Owen and Mrs Peck

The Cleaning and Maintenance Team

Mr and Mrs Jarvie and Mr McManus