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This term we are learning...

Below you will find our Key Questions for each Topic, they are all available to download as a pdf document.


Our current topic is Summer 2- The Nile to the Severn! Please have a look at the Key Questions to explore all the wonderful things we will be learning over the term, as well as Topic websites and links for your child to have a go at and explore!


In RE this term our Key Question is " How do festivals and family life show what matters to Jews?" and our theme for PSHE is Relationships, our changing bodies/puberty and safe and unsafe secrets.

Summer 2 - The Nile to the Severn

Summer 2 - Maths Knowledge Organiser

Summer 1 - Snapshots of History

Summer 1 - Maths Knowledge Organiser

Spring 2 - Maths Knowledge Organiser

Egyptian Day (10.1.22)


Year 3 will have a very exciting start to our Spring One Topic as we'll be receiving a special visit from an Egyptian! 


Throughout the day the children will be taking part in a number of different activities to fully immerse themselves in our new topic (the Knowledge Organiser and key information for this half term can be found below). To add to the experience, we are asking the children to dress as an Egyptian, for the day.  We know how creative you all are so please use your imagination and what you already have at home- we do also have a number of items that can be borrowed for the day if needed. 


Thanks as always for your support and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or need any help. 


Ideas: You could wear a white top and trousers, or black top and trousers and then create a headdress, collar and belt. You could even use a white sheet as a tunic. Look at this link if you fancy making your own! 




Autumn 2 - The Big Bang!

Autumn 2 - Computing

2021 - Autumn 1 - Prehistoric Britain

Summer 2 - Nile to the Severn

Summer 1 - Snapshots of History

Autumn 2 - The Big Bang!

Autumn 1 (2020/2021) - Prehistoric Britain

Spring 2 - Let's Get Growing!

Spring 1 - The Big Bang!

Autumn 2 - Ancient Egypt

Autumn 1 (2019) - Stone Age

Summer 2 - Mighty Metals!