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Welcome to Year 2

Who is in our classroom?

In Year 2 Mr Bayliss is our Teacher and Mrs Wheatley is our Teaching Assistant.


What does my child need to bring to school?

Everyday children will require: a water bottle, a waterproof coat and an Orchard Primary School book bag. Within your book bag you will need your reading diary and a guided reading book.


At the start of each half term we also recommend that you bring your PE kit, in an appropriate bag, and leave it in school for the duration of the half term. Within your PE kit you will need an Orchard Primary PE top, appropriate bottoms (shorts and jogging bottoms to choose dependent on the weather), PE pumps and an additional pair of socks.


What will be different in Year 2?

This year we will be continuing to walk 5 minutes per day as a whole school initiative. We will be given the opportunity to change into alternate footwear before the walk to keep our school shoes clean.


We will be starting a timetable of morning activities:


Monday: Independent reading, the bigger the variety of texts the better.


Tuesday: Handwriting, we will be learning to join our writing this year so lots of practice is needed. We are working towards our pen licences after all!


Wednesday: Maths progress books. On a Wednesday we will be completing an activity from our Maths Makes Sense progress books. This activity will be linked to a strand of maths we are learning that week. 


Thursday: Our maths milestones this year will surround the times tables. Please take this opportunity in the morning to practice your given times table, I will be supplying activities to help.


Friday: On a Friday we will be given a final opportunity to practice our phonics spellings.


Our PE sessions this year will be Wednesday afternoon and Commando Jo on a Friday morning, children will require their own PE kits to participate, and we will not be able to borrow from others.


How many of the 10 minute challenges does my child need to do?

It is an expectation that the children read every school night (at least 5 times a week), practice their spellings ready for Friday's test and times tables. This year we will also be setting 10 minute challenges each night. You will find your daily challenge in your homework challenge book. I have also attached the copy of the 10 minute challenge timetable so you have an idea of what is expected each evening.


What do I do if I have a question?

Please see myself or Mrs Wheatley when you drop off in the morning if you have a question or query that is easily resolved. If you have an issue or question requiring a more detailed response it may be best to arrange a chat for after school as mornings can be a hectic time although I will always endeavour to be as flexible as possible.