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Wednesday 27th April 2022

Thank you for your hard work yesterday. Today's learning activities are listed below. We will be having live Teams sessions at 9.30am, 11.30am and 2.30pm. Please click here to join.


For today's phonics we are focusing on the ay, ai and a-e sounds. Use this sheet to practise saying the sound. Use your Fred Fingers to spell out each word and write it down. 

This video will help you to remember how to say all of our Set 2 and Set 3 phonics sounds:


Try reading these alien words. Remember, these are not real words so make sure you sound out each sound.

Today for maths, we will be practising our skills with doubling and halving numbers. Roll two dice. Are the numbers the same? You have a double! What are the two numbers added together? That is your double

eg 3 + 3 = 6. 6 is double 3. If you take one of the dice away you have half.  Half of 6 is 3. What is the biggest double you can make? Don't forget to take one dice away when you've rolled a double and say what half the total is. If you don't have any dice at home, you can use virtual dice on mathsbot: Dice (


You can also play 'double and half' snap with playing cards. Split a pack of playing cards equally between everyone playing the game. Everyone takes turns to place a card down. If two cards with the same number are placed on top of each other the first person to put their hand over the cards and say 'snap' wins. In 'double and half' snap that person has to say what the double is eg if it is two sevens they say 'double 7 is 14' then cover up one of the cards and say 'half of 14 is 7'. Use the symbols on the cards to help you count if you're not sure of your doubles.



Practise telling the time to the O'Clock hip-hop style with Jack Hartmann: Hip-Hop Around the Clock | Learn How to Tell Time | Jack Hartmann - YouTube



Writing numbers 1 - 10 in words

Practise writing numbers 1 - 10. Trace the numbers and words on this sheet. 


Today we will be continuing our factfile about the Queen. We will be finding out where the Queen lives. The Queen has six homes! One of her homes has 1000 rooms! Look at the attached slides and read some interesting facts about the Queen's homes. Choose three facts to write sentences about and write them in the 'Where does the Queen live?' section of the factfile.