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The Thrive Approach

What is Thrive

Thrive is a therapeutic approach to help support children with their emotional health, well-being and social development, all of which are needed for learning to take place. Research has shown that how we behave is linked to how we feel and our emotions are linked to how we learn. Teaching children to recognise these feelings and emotions can help with their development and learning.  We recognise that children sometimes need extra support with their emotional growth, and this can be temporary or over a longer period of time.


Thrive is a whole school approach based around current research and studies into child development and helps staff in school to adapt their approach to individual children to build self-esteem, well-being and behaviour.  Thrive promotes their emotional and social growth by building positive relationships between a child, their peers and the teaching staff by helping them explore and understand their feelings through various activities.


How does it work?

The Thrive approach begins with a whole class, computerised screening, where teachers answer a series of questions about each child in the class. The programme then identifies any children who would benefit from a more detailed assessment which, in turn, suggests ideas, activities and strategies to support the individual child.


We will, of course, let you know of any concerns and you will be fully consulted about any follow-up activities and your permission sought for these to take place.


We have two fully trained lead members of staff delivering this approach across our school and all staff have received training to support the delivery of the Thrive programme.


Why might my child attend a Thrive session?

Children may experience situations which lead to many different feelings and these can seem overwhelming at times. These feelings might include anger, frustration, sadness, loneliness, confusion or anxiety. They may be triggered for a variety of reasons, including:


  • Difficulties with friendships
  • Getting into trouble at playtime
  • Finding it hard to settle in the classroom
  • Finding it difficult to manage strong feelings
  • Family issues


All these feelings are normal and happen to a lot of children. The Thrive sessions are to help children learn to understand and manage their feelings and teach them strategies that will help them.


What will happen in a Thrive session?

Sessions may be held on an individual basis or as part of a small group of children. During each session there will be an activity which may include storytelling, circle games, sand play, movement and relaxation, role play and puppet work or games.


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