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Archived Photos 2021

Summer 2, Week 4

This week in ICT we have been learning about digital animation. We have been learning how to move characters (called sprites), how to programme sequences of movements and how to change and delete them. In science we have been learning about our sense of smell. We have smelling different things and seeing if we can identify them.

Summer 2, Week 5

This week we have been learning about subtraction facts related to number bonds to 20. We used hoops and beanbags to create a giant part-whole model and practised adding and subtracting number pairs to 20.

Summer 1, Week 2, week commencing 2nd May 2022

Autumn 1 (Week 6 commencing 11/10/21)

This week, as part of our topic on the Queen and her Platinum Jubilee, we recreated the Queen's 1953 Coronation in Pershore Abbey. We learnt about what happens in a Coronation. In maths, we looked at place value to help us with vertical addition and subtraction. We also continued to learn how to solve word problems in maths, breaking down a word problem to help us choose the correct operation to solve it. In Literacy we wrote letters to the Queen.

This week in Geography, we learnt how to use an Atlas and found out what the four countries of the UK are! We continued our dance lessons in P.E and had fun learning moves for a traditional barn dance that normally happens in the season of Autumn! We also did a simple test in Science to see which materials would be suitable to fix an umbrella - we decided we needed something flexible, waterproof and light!

Autumn 1 (Week 5 commencing 4/10/21)

This week we have been busy learning about the cardinal directions: North, South, East and West! We also listened to a fable called 'The North Wind and The Sun' and discussed all the different types of weather we could hear about. We lined up in two groups and pretended to be the wind and sun. Each time we heard a word relating to our group we would do the right action! E.g. if we heard breeze, we would blow really lightly!

Autumn 1 (Week 4 commencing 27/9/21)

In History this week we looked at what it would have been like in a Victorian house a long time ago! We went through some old photos and spotted things like gas lamps, patterned wallpaper and fireplaces in each room.

Autumn 1 (Week 3 commencing 20/9/21)

In this week's dance lesson, we looked at the season 'Spring'! We watched 'Singin' in the rain' and worked in partners to put together moves that we later performed to the rest of the class in unison. We pretended to splash, stomp, kick and jump! In Topic we were thinking about materials and created some collages - we thought about whether or not certain materials could be ripped, torn, scrunched or if we had to cut them using scissors.

Autumn 1 (Week 2 commencing 13/9/21)

This week we did lots of adding up to 10 and we pretended to be weather presenters, describing different types of weather. We were also thinking about weather and the seasons in our P.E lessons, where we came up with dance moves and poses inspired by winter ice skating - we jumped, made shapes and did lots of spins!

Autumn 1 (Week 1 commencing 6/9/21)

During our first week of Year 1, we explored some different materials, such as plastic, fabric and metal. We learnt about different kinds of weather and used chalk outside to make some weather predictions for next week! We also read the story 'The Three Little Pigs' and made some finger puppets of the main characters, so we could practice acting out parts of the story! smiley

Week 1 (7/9/20) & Week 2 (14/9/20)


At home we've been working through our learning packs. We've been doing lots of other activities to do with our woodland topic; feeding ducks, building bird houses, planting seeds, going on mini-beast hunts and much more! We've also been keeping fit by taking part in the Joe Wicks P.E lessons and we've been doing lots of baking!

Week beginning 30.3.20 - In school we made rocking bunny Easter cards and sculptures out of clay. We spent lots of time outside and made some smelly potions using natural ingredients from our environment. We've been keeping fit by taking part in Joe Wick's P.E lessons and doing some cosmic yoga!

We went on a tree hunt to look for different species of trees around the school. We looked closely at the shapes, colours and leaves we could see.

We've been looking at the artist Wassily Kandinsky and making spring trees in the style of his paintings.

Year 1's Bake Sale

Our trip to Lower Smite Farm (13/2/20)

We have been thinking about balanced diets and the importance of eating healthy food - We wrote and followed our own instructions for how to make a healthy snack - mini fruit kebabs! We learnt how to hold a knife and cut safely by making a bridge with our hands

We've been learning about food hygiene and made a poster for how to wash our hands properly

We talked about sacred books and what we can learn from them. We looked at the Bible and learnt about the Christian Creation Story

We wrote and followed our own instructions to make jam sandwiches

We had our own Afternoon Tea and sampled some traditional British treats like Victoria Sponge, finger sandwiches and scones!

We've been learning the rules of Netball - We can throw, catch and use the correct footwork

In Gymnastics we've been practising balancing and different jumps (pike, pencil, star, tuck, bunny hops along a bench)

We have been looking at the continents and oceans of the world using an Atlas!

We have been learning about the features of non-fiction information texts using books that relate to our topic this term!

We talked about Remembrance day and made our own poppies using a weaving technique.

We read a new story 'Lost and Found'. We identified the characters and settings of the story and acted it out using a story map.

We have been looking at the seasons. We made finger paintings and watercolour paintings to create Autumn and Winter scenes.

In Year 1 we have been exploring materials... Here are the material collages and 3D houses we have made!