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This week we have learnt...

Summer 2 - Week 4

This week in maths we have continued learning about the nets of 3D shapes. This week we experienced making our own nets using the polydron, this gave us the opportunity to use our imaginations and even create some 3D shapes that we hadn't learnt in our maths lessons so far. We also, using dm sticks, blue-tac and a learning partners, made some 3D shapes using Mr Bayliss' challenge cards. 

Summer 2 - Week 3

This week in our topic Geography lessons we have been learning about a place called Brazil. We used the globes and atlas' to locate the 7 continents, the 5 oceans and before focusing in on South America and the country Brazil. We learnt about the journey of a banana and all of the human / physical features a banana might see on it's journey from Brazil to Pershore. In maths we have began looking at nets of 3D shapes and had a try at making some of our own, this was pretty fiddly using paper but we persevered! 

Summer 2 - Week 2

This week, after learning our new topic is going to focus on Human and Physical geography Year 2 took a trip to Barry Island. It was the perfect experience to begin to make comparisons between our local Pershore geography; to see how human and physical features can interact / effect one another as well as forming the basis for some 5 senses beach poetry! It was also an amazing opportunity for those children that had never experienced going to a beach to do so!

Summer 2 - Week 1

We arrived back at school after the half term break to a huge box filled with sand. We dug around in the box and found lots of items / objects which were clues for our new topic / focus story. Our PSCHE lesson this week focused on how others can help us. We completed an assault course blindfolded and discussed how certain tasks can be made so much easier with a little help. We also focused on the feelings we had when either helping someone else or being the one to offer the help.

Summer 1 - Week 5

In the final week of our topic we looked at how the seeds of plants are dispersed. We learnt about lots of different ways of seed dispersal, some we found much funnier than others. Once we knew the different ways of dispersal we then created our own sycamore seeds to disperse out on the playground. Now that our topic was finished we completed out end of topic 'Hot Task' to show off what we had learnt over the past 5 weeks. We also week had a lot of fun celebrating the Queen's Jubilee - check out the school newsletter for all of the whole school photographs.

Summer 1 - Week 4

This week we have been observing the progress in our cress experiment. This experiment has challenged what we thought we knew about what a plant needs to grow. As well as lots of practical activities in our science lessons this week; we have been applying our new mathematical knowledge in our computing block - creating pictograms online! Alongside all of our topic lessons, this week Year 2 completed their SATs, because of all of our hard work (and Mr Bayliss' birthday) we ended the week with a little celebration. 

Summer 1 - Week 3

This week we have been observing the progress of last week's science experiment. Would we see anything happen to the white flowers after putting food colouring in the water? It's clear to see that something pretty drastic has happened but why / how has this happened? We also this week set up our next scientific experiment. We will be using cress to challenge our prior knowledge of what a plant needs to grow. Everyone knew that a plant needed sunlight, water, soil and a warm temperature HOWEVER could we grow some cress without one of these things? STAY TUNED. 

Summer 1 - Week 2

This week we began challenging our prior knowledge of planting from Year 1. What is the job of a flower's stem? What is the job of the roots? What might happen if we add food colouring to the water? We set up a scientific experiment including a 'What we will need' and 'Predictions' based on what we already knew! We also this week have continued to care for our mystery seeds. We have spotted that our seeds have now germinated and lots have now got shoots coming from the soil.

Summer 1 - Week 1

After a slightly delayed start to the summer term we jumped straight into our new topic focusing on planting and growing. We discussed our magical mystery seeds and planted them to see what they will grow into. We will be writing a recount of our experiences next week in literacy. Also in computing this week, catching up from last term, we looked at real and fake photographs before having a go at editing our own! Check out Leo and his fabulous flying!

Spring 2 - Week 6


In the final week of our Spring 2 topic, as well as completing our end of block assessments, we have been making some Giuseppe Arcimboldo themed artwork. We have made fruit faces in the classroom using real fruit and vegetables as well as creating some playground masterpieces using items we found laying around the school grounds. On the final day of the term, because of all of our hard work over the past few weeks, had a treat day involving lots of Easter crafts and even watching a movie using the Now Press Play headphones. Well deserved! Happy Easter!

Spring 2 - Week 5


This week we have been creating our healthy alternative for Mr Wolf. We made some pancakes with a twist, they were made from oats, banana and almond milk. Although they didn't look incredible when they were being cooked, they tasted fantastic and we had great fun using the blender! We also this week began looking at the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We discussed how his artwork fitted with our topic and had a Giuseppe themed 10 minute challenge for our Friday show and tell! More Arcimboldo art next week when we will be using real fruit and veg!

Spring 2 - Week 4


This week we have been learning about the different food groups and naming some different food items belong to each. We have learnt what carbohydrates, protein, dairy, fruit and vegetables as well as fats and sugars are and how eating these different food groups support our bodies. We have also learnt how we need to eat these food groups in different amounts to have a 'balanced diet'. We have also this week been completing some Mother's Day craft activity, we've been super busy! Next week we will be making a healthy alternative for Mr Wolf and all of those pancakes he has been munching. 


Spring 2 - Week 3

This week we gained a basic understanding of the digestive system. We will next week be talking about how our body needs and uses different food groups but it's not magic... our organs are doing some amazing things. We created our own digestive system using some household items, we really enjoyed being the muscles of the stomach. 

Spring 2 - Week 2

So far this half term we have been learning about our bodies, specifically what we might find underneath our skin. Our aim is to learn how food can affect our bodies over the coming weeks but we first need to understand the basics. We have learnt some of the common bones as well as some of our most important organs and their roles. Next week is the digestive system and the children can't wait to learn about ... waste! 

World Book Day!

To celebrate World Book Day, Year 2 focused on a single text. We were confronted with lots of chopped up Book Covers (they were photocopies don't worry); it was our job to piece them all back together like puzzles but only one would make a full cover. This would be our focus text for the day... I will love you anyway by Mick and Chloe Inkpen. We then completed activities around this text. 

Spring 2 - Week 1


We returned to school after the half-term break to some rather strange food items. We used our powers of deduction (5 senses) to work out what our new class text would be. After a little investigation we discovered that they were simply pancakes with food colouring (keep Mr Bayliss out of the kitchen) but the children's story predictions were incredible after using the pancakes as imagination ticklers.