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Celebration Assembly

Some of our children have been really busy over the Christmas holidays!  This morning we were really pleased to celebrate the achievements of the following children: Sasha (Stage 7 swimming, 50m and 100m swimming awards), Alex (Stage 3 swimming, 10m swimming award), Malia (Stage 3 swimming), Anya (Stage 4 swimming), Frankee (Stage 5 swimming), Millie S (Stage 7 swimming, 100m swimming award), Emma (25m swimming award), William (5m swimming award), Rowan (Grade 4 and 5 Duckling Award), Chloe (Swimming Challenge Gold Award), Carla (Grade 3 Duckling Award) and Cody (Grade 5 Duckling Award and 5m swimming award).  Thank you also to Evie for playing "Happy Birthday" on the piano as we celebrated all the December birthdays - Mr Komor would have been very proud of you!  Well done everyone - we are very proud of you all!