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"Small enough to care, Big enough to inspire"


In Pre-school we like to give the children lots of opportunities to mark make in different ways. This can be using pencils/felt tips/pastels/paint brushes. They can also use different materials to mark make on, for example paper/card/material/whiteboards/chalk boards/cardboard etc.


It is also really important that the children are sharing books daily, either reading them with family at home or watching books being read on YouTube. Here are some ideas for how you can help children mark make and enjoy books at home and resources that can help you do this:


Mark Making 

Drawing shapes 

Drawing family 

Drawing their favourite toy 

Colouring in different animals/toys (there are lots of sheets on Google)

Painting pictures 

Drawing with chalk on the drive or path 

Practising their pencil control 



Read a book before they go to bed 

Ask them questions about the book you read: What animals did you see? What are they doing? What do you think will happen next?

Look at a picture book, what can they see? What colours can they see?

Can they spot any letters around the house or on your daily walk?