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Here you will find what we have been up to throughout the week.


This week, we had a visit from the High School and they delivered a Science lesson. The children really enjoyed participating in 7 different experiments to investigate the effects of erosion and weathering on rocks. The children also enjoyed their art transition lesson this week where they used 3 colours to produce their coastal themed art piece. In Literacy, they have been sharing their ideas using "give one, get one". The class also had fun participating in Sports day on Friday and they enjoyed the summer fete. 


This week, the class have been continuing with their photography project in art. They used the iPads to take photos close up to outside objects. On Friday, some of the class made fathers day cards using watercolours. In Literacy, we gathered ideas for our 5 senses working in groups and adding our ideas on posters around the room.

5th June - 9th June

In art, the class have been making photo collages. In PE, they have started their athletics ready for sports day this term. In Literacy, they have been creating a creature that lives on Pandora. They have written about it's anatomy, diet, habitat and life-cycle. 

22nd May - 26th May

This week, the class have been completing a theme park project. In groups, they have designed a theme park, looked at start-up costs and maintenance and worked out how much to charge customers in order to make a profit. In Topic, they created some very persuasive leaflets to encourage people to visit Statford-upon-Avon.

15th May - 19th May

This week, some of the class went to Inkberrow to compete in a cricket tournament. While they were away, we had some visitors from year 3. We created some river art inspired by Monet. In PE, the class practised their throwing and batting skills. 

8th May- 12th May

The class worked super hard this week on their tests! We know they have done their best and we are very proud of them! As a treat after the last test, we had a sneak peek at this years summer production! The class enjoyed looking at the characters on offer and thinking about who they might like to play! In the afternoon, we enjoyed using the water colours to create some lovely pictures. 

2nd May - 5th May

This week, we have been preparing for our SATs next week. In science, we have been looking at the definitions of different types of animals and how these are used by scientists to classify animals. On Friday, we had a picnic outside to celebrate the coronation. We iced some cakes with the GB flag on.

24th April - 28th April

To develop our SPAG knowledge ready for the SATs, we completed a SPAG style escape room on Monday afternoon. The class had a lot of fun trying to work out the passcode to let them out of the classroom! In Science, we have been learning about the Linnaean system of classification. They researched the domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, genus and species of a selection of animals/plants.

17th April - 21st April

In reading, we have been developing our fluency and speed in finding information in the text. In topic, we have been learning how to use four-figure and six-figure grid references. We used OS maps to locate certain areas and find the corresponding grid references for them.

27th March - 30th March

This week in Science we have been undertaking a scientific enquiry. We have been investigating which materials are conductors of electricity. We made a prediction, planned the investigation, and evaluated our method. In art, we have been finishing our artwork. 

20th March - 24th March

This week, year 6 have been to the George Marshall Medical Museum in Worcester. They had to create a remedy to cure cholera and pitch their concoctions in a Dragon's Den format. Then, they explored the collection of death masks and why they were made. They had a look at an apothecary shop and how to "cure" certain diseases from a long time ago. Then they completed a trail in the museum itself. On Monday, we learnt a play: The Plague of Eyam. The class will be re-writing this play as a narrative next week. 

13th March - 17th March

It was Science week this week! We learnt all about smashing the stereotypes in STEM! Then, we looked at the journey that certain foods take from the farm to our forks! We had a forensic science workshop where we had to solve the crime. We used fingerprints and footprints to name the thief! In Topic, we learnt about Edward Jenner and his contribution to medicine! On Friday, we enjoyed having you in our class to read our stories! 

6th March - 10th March

This week, we have been designing our portal door that we will be using to write our story. In Science, we have been learning about different amount of volts and what the effect more volts has on a circuit. We learnt that too many volts will break the light bulb! On Wednesday, we went to the High School to watch Little Shop of Horrors! The class had an amazing time!

27th February - 3rd March

In PE, we have started our gymnastics unit with Mrs Brown. In Commando Joe, we have been designing posters to show the skills that Commando Joe teaches us. In Science, we have started our new unit: electricity. This week, the class were making a circuit and then drawing it using scientific symbols.


This week, year 6 went to Condover Hall for their residential. They had a great time doing: survival, the climbing wall, the gladiator wall, abseiling, the laser maze and grid of stones, low ropes and team challenge, conquest and giant cluedo! They worked well in their teams to complete the activities and had a lot of fun doing them! 

30th January - 3rd February

This week we have been finding out about people's favourite exercise and exploring the benefits of exercise. On Friday, we had Rob from Severn Trent Water in to tell us all about the importance of water. The children took part in a water workshop and explored ways to save water. They also had an assembly which explored how to stay hydrated. Year 6 won the award this week for best attendance. Keep up the good work! 

23rd January - 27th January

This week we have learnt how to measure our pulse and have been testing what happens to our heart rate when we exercise! We have also been comparing life in Rio De Janeiro with life in Rocinha. We have been continuing to practise our defending skills in PE. 

16th January - 20th January

This week, the Daleks and the Tardis arrived in year 6. We have been learning a balanced argument all about whether or not the Daleks should be allowed to stay on Earth. We have also been creating Favela's in art using the Impasto technique. 

9th January - 13th January

In PSHE, we have been exploring what makes a good friend. The class produced poems about what makes a good friend and performed these to the class. In Science, we have been learning about the circulatory system. The children used themselves to create a model to show how blood is pumped around the body. In PE, we have been doing invasion games and practising our defending skills. 

28th November - 2nd December

This week we have started our new Literacy unit: War Poetry. Today, we have been exploring what makes a good poem performance. In guided reading, we have been creating freeze frames to show the reality of war using our text 'Private Peaceful' for inspiration. In Science, we have been conducting an experiment investigating how light travels. They have drawn some superb diagrams to show how light travels through different types of tubes (see-through, thin, thick, with holes, etc). In topic, we have looked at rationing and comparing their current meal plan to one from WWII. 

21st November - 24th November

This week we have been painting our clay sculptures. We learnt that air dry clay is very fragile! Unfortunately, some of our sculptures didn't make it in one piece! On Wednesday, we enjoyed performing our Ising Pop concert to all of you! On Monday, we experienced the first England football match of the World Cup. We finished our diary writing unit this week and have produced some wonderful and realistic diary entries of evacuee children.

14th November - 18th November

In PSHCE, we have been learning about stereotypes and discrimination. The class role played some scenarios and what you should do in those scenarios. In art, we have been making our animal sculptures out of clay. We have also been rehearsing our Ising Pop songs with Emily. 

31st October - 4th November

This week we have had an exciting week! On Thursday, we had our World War day! The children had a brilliant time exploring all of the World War 2 artefacts. On Tuesday, they created a piece of Remembrance Day art in the style of impressionism. This afternoon, they shared their projects with the class. 

17th - 21st October

This week we have finished our topic by looking at the similarities and differences between tornadoes and hurricanes. In DT this afternoon, we made earthquake proof buildings out of spaghetti and marshmallows. We only had one building that was able to withstand the earthquake!

10th October - 14th October

This week we have been working together to make and crack codes in Commando Joe. We have also been creating freeze frames from a scene in our class text where Eels island is being attacked. This afternoon we also used Now Press Play to explore Pompeii and the Mount Vesuvius eruption of 79AD.

3rd October - 7th October

This week we have measured earthquakes using our tin can seismographs. We have also formed a conscience alley, where we have given advice to our main character from our class text. We have also been working collaboratively online to make a fact file about a country, only using the technology to communicate. On Friday, we ventured out to the Forest School to find some mini beasts to help us with our informative text that we are writing in Literacy. We found a slow worm, some newts, some worms, and a dinosaur!

26th September - 30th September

This week we have been role playing our main character from our class text. We have also been finishing our Extreme Earth collages in art.

20th September - 23rd September

This week we have been looking at our projects. We saw some wonderful volcano eruptions, explored some fact files, and looked at the other creative projects that they put together. We have also been 'hot seating' in Guided Reading to explore how our main character might be feeling.

12th September - 16th September