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In Pre-school we have been doing lots of things with shapes, numbers, counting and colours. While you are at home during this time there are fun things you can be doing with your child/children to help them with their maths. Please see below some ideas to help with your home learning:



Going on shape hunts around the house 

Collecting objects and categorising them into colours and shapes 

Making shapes with sticks and other materials 

Making pictures with different shapes 

Finding shapes when you go on your daily walk 


Numbers and counting 

Finding numbers in the house/in books/on their tablets 

Counting their toys

Sharing their toys. Who has more?

Putting numbers into order 1-10

Counting how many carrots/peas they have on their plate at dinner?



Finding different colours around the house 

Finding colours when you go for your daily walk 

Painting with colours. What colour can they make?