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Butterfly's 'Very Important Play'- Weekly Photographs

Summer 1 w/c 20.05.24

This week we have been learning all about Bees! As part of World bee day on Monday we have been learning all about bee's and how they help us. We spotted some bees in the trees outside in the garden. We have been very busy painting bee pictures, exploring the yellow rice and copied bee patterns in the mark making tray. We talked about how bee's make honey so we tried some by making honey sandwiches. At Woodland explorers we made bee homes using cardboard rolls and paper straws then hung them in the forest. We painted wooden butterflies, some children wanted to paint the same colours at the butterflies that we looked after. We did some P.E in the hall at big school, throwing and catching the balls, balancing the bean bags and hoops, rolling the balls to our friends and playing parachute games. Reception joined us for some singing and musical instruments and as we get closer to the end of the year we have been visiting the reception classroom and outside area. We made some butterfly cupcakes this week, we used the top of the cakes to create wings and dusted them with icing. 

Summer 1 w.c 13.05.24

This week our caterpillars hatched! All 5 caterpillars turned into butterflies and the children have loved watching them, feeding them and observing their wings. Once they had all hatched we released them, some of them sat on our hands and fingers before flying away. The children have been so good at looking after them. We have played lots of parachute games and songs this week, both with the children from Caterpillars and reception, reception came into our garden and taught us some songs and we played the bells and drums with them. We had cloud dough in our messy tray this week, the children enjoyed squashing and stretching it with their hands. As part of our space project we looked at google earth, we looked all around the world then found England where we live, then we zoomed all the way to Pre-School, the children loved exploring the area and we found different places in Pershore such as the swimming pool and Pershore abbey. At Woodland explorers this week we went on a Spring colour hunt, we found lots of nature that matched the colours and collected them in egg cartons, we then sang some of our favourite songs including sleeping bunnies and the dinosaur song.

Summer 1 w/c 07.05.24

This week we have been making paint using dandelions that we found in the Pre-School garden, we crushed the dandelion heads and added water to make the paint. On Wednesday we made pizza planets, we spread and added toppings. We made moon rocks by squeezing the foil into balls. We went on a woodland walk around big school to plant our seed bombs and found lots of minibeasts. At Woodland explorers this week we made nature butterflies, we found leaves and nature finds to make their wings, bodies and eyes. We listened to our wake up shake up songs in the forest and then sang some songs with the parachute. Outside we sang lots of songs on our stage, singing with our friends. As part of our space project we made our own star constellations pictures using chalk and stars. Our Caterpillars have now grown into their chrysalises, we played them very carefully into the chrysalis station and we will continue to observe them until they turn into butterflies.

Summer 1 w/c 29.04.24

This week we have been exploring outside, playing in the water tray, finding minibeasts, creating potions using grass and flowers and we did some wake up shake up outside. At woodland explorers we made our own spring seed bombs we mixed compost, flour, wildflower seeds and water and moulded them into balls ready to take home to grow. The children have loved looking for minibeasts this week and in the forest we found snails, worms and even a frog! We have continued to observe out caterpillars, they have grown so much and we think they are getting ready to turn into chrysalises. 

Summer 1 w/c 22.04.24

This week we have been exploring the moon sand in the tray, using our hands to crumble and squash the sand. We have been looking after our caterpillars, watching them grow and climb and talking about their life cycle. We have also been looking after our sunflowers, watering them and putting them near a sunny spot in Pre-School, our cress from last week Woodland explorers session had grown so the children took them home this week. Outside we have had lots of fun in the water tray, washing and drying the toys and using the jugs, funnels and water wheels to explore. On Tuesday we were in the Worcester news newspaper! Our photograph was selected to be in a nursery years special, the children have loved looking through the newspaper to find the photo. At Woodland explorers this week we decorated trees using masking tape and nature, we tided masking tape to the trees and decorated them with lots of different flowers, leaves, moss and other nature finds. We enjoyed playing hide and seek in the trees and building a 'campfire' with sticks. We made some marshmallow crispy squares, weighing out the ingredients and mixing them in the bowl. We also began creating some rainbow paintings, using cotton buds to paint the different colours.

Summer 1 w/c 15.04.24

This week at Pre-School we have been busy doing lots of planting. All the children planted a sunflower, they filled the flower pots with compost, made a hole with their finger and put the seed in. We read the story 'Little Sunflower' which shows how they grow from seeds to flowers, the children had lots of questions and comments about how the seed grows into a huge sunflower. At Woodland explorers we made cress Earth jars, we filled the jars with compost and cress seeds, we spoke about what they would need to grow. We have been learning all about the planet Earth as part of our Space project, we enjoyed looking at a globe, finding lots of different countries and seas, we talked about Earth day, what it means and how we can look after the planet. At the start of the week the children made 'moon rock' cakes, they all enjoyed mixing all the ingredients together and getting very sticky hands! We have been making lots of Space crafts, we made rockets with all the letters of the children's names and 5 little men in a flying saucer pictures. On Friday we had some new visitors, Caterpillars! They arrived in a jar and the children have been using the magnifying glasses to watch them move around, we will be looking after them until they turn into butterflies! 

Summer 1 w/c 08.04.24

This week we have been learning all about our new topic, Alien's love underpants and space! We played in the spaceship role play, spotting the planets and stars. We have also made rockets and decorated a cut out of Earth. At woodland explorers we planted some potato's, we used spades to dig the compost and placed the potato's deep down. We then played in the garden, did some mud painting and explored the water trays. Inside we washed the babies with bubble bath, made planets out of playdough and dressed up in the role play. 

Spring 2 w/c 18.03.24

This week we have been learning all about Easter! We made Easter cards and eggs and explored a spring themed tray. We had a visit from Tiddler town, exploring all the different areas our favourites were the hairdressers and the cafe. We also took the paper off our wormery and saw all the tunnels that the worms had made, we took the worms back to the mud where we found them. We also explored around big school, finding flowers and playing hide and seek. At woodland explorers this week the Easter bunny had been to the forest! There were lots of eggs hidden so we took our Easter baskets and Easter glasses and found them all. 

Spring 2 w/c 11.03.24

This week we have been spotting lots of signs of Spring, at Woodland explorers we used our spring spotter magnifying glasses to look all around the garden and the forest, we found daffodils, blossom, buds on trees and flowers beginning to grow. We have been painting pictures of the daffodils we found outside and exploring the different colours.  We have been melting dinosaur eggs and playing with the dinosaurs. As part of our Tiger who came to tea topic, we decided to make our own oreo ice cream. We crushed biscuits and whisked the cream, and added all the ingredients into a bowl then put it into the freezer to set, we tasted it the next day and it was delicious! Outside we made our own car wash and used sponges to clean all the cars. Pre-School love making potions, so this week we have been mixing blossom, grass, twigs, leaves and mud into our potions, all collected from our garden.