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British Science Week: 9-13 March 2020

We started off British Science Week with an assembly introducing the focus for this year which was Our Diverse Planet. We looked at the diversity of animals, habitats, materials and everyone around us.


Throughout the week each class had experiments and activities to complete in class linked to diversity:


Reception looked at bubbles; Year 1 looked at camouflage in butterflies then expanded it to other animals. Year 2 looked at habitats and made minibeast hotels and also made links with maths using bar charts and tally charts to chart their findings. Year 3 looked at taste and taste buds and how diverse we all are. Year 4 looked at life in the Antarctic and conducted an experiment to test which materials were the best insulator for an Antarctic coat. Year 5 investigated rust and why and how it occurs and looked into the ways of preventing rust.


We finished our Science Week with a whole school assembly where all the classes presented their findings from their experiments. The children really enjoyed the week and I think we have many future scientists at Orchard Primary!