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Celebration Assembly

Thank you to all our parents who came to our Assembly this morning to help us celebrate the achievements of the following children: Alice (invested as a Beaver Scout and gained her Experiment Badge and Culture Badge, Stage 6 Swimming Award and 25m Distance Award), Farah (gained her Musician, Swimming and Silver Swimming Badges at Brownies), Anya (made her Rainbow Guide Promise and Stage 5 Swimming Award), Carla (Level 5 Gymnastics Proficiency Award and Grade 4 Duckling Award), Liam (Grade 4 Duckling Award), Alex H (Stage 5 Swimming Award), Sophia (Stage 6 Swimming Award), Jemima (Stage 4 Swimming Award), Joseph (100m Swimming Award and Stage 7 Swimming Award), Sasha (Swimming Challenge - Silver Award and 800m Distance Award), Connie (gained her Wildlife Explorer Badge at Brownies and Rainbow Ribbons at Pershore Cricket Club), Chloe (member of Pershore Penguins Swimming Club), Frankee (highly commended for her drawing in Pershore Carnival Cover Competition) and Millie S (for volunteering to join Fladbury Bellboating Team - her team finished second in the race!).


We also celebrated the birthdays of all the children born in May - thank you Evie for playing Happy Birthday on the piano for us!


Mrs Bitcon presented all the children who attended school every day last term with an Attendance Certificate.


Well done everyone - we are very proud of you!