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Celebration Assembly

This morning we celebrated the achievements of the following children: Sophie (Swimming Challenge Gold Award), Eve (Swimming Challenge - Silver Award and 800m distance award),  Alice (Swimming Challenge - Bronze Award and 400m distance award), Isabel L (400m swimming distance award), Daisie (Stage 6 swimming award), Luke (stage 6 swimming award), Jack (Stage 5 swimming award), William (Stage 4 swimming award and gaining 4 Beavers' badges), Carla (Stage 4 swimming award), Connor (Stage 4 swimming award), Phoebe J (Stage 3 swimming award), Zoe (Stage 2 swimming award),  Henry (Stage 2 swimming award), Lily (Stage 1 swimming award), Owen (Stage 1 swimming award), Leah G (Brownie Guide Promise and earning her first badge), Finley (Stage 2 and 3 swimming awards and 10m distance award) and Farah (taking part in the Main Bell-boating Regatta at Fladbury with Brownies).


Mrs Bitcon gave out bronze maths badges to Aaron and Wanessa, silver maths badges to George, Sophia, Maisie, Isabel, Sam, Leah, Gerard and Millie P and gold maths badges to Frankee, Alice, Isabel, Chelsea, Joseph, Richard, Alex, Brett, Amy, Olivia, Milo, Imogen, Cai, Shaun, Freya, Megan, Oliver, Farah and Eve. 


As part of our reading reward scheme Mrs Bitcon also  gave out invitations to her tea party for all children achieving 20 reads as well as inviting children who had achieved 80 reads to go with her to the local bookshop to choose a reading book.


Well done everyone - we are very proud of you all!