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Celebration Assembly

Thank you to all the parents and friends who came to our last Celebration Assembly of this academic year.  We were very proud to celebrate the achievements of: Paige (5m swimming distance award and Stage 2 swimming award), Maisie (Stage 5 swimming award and 25m distance award), Katie (Stage 3+4 swimming awards), Phoebe J (Stage 3 swimming award), Malia (Bronze Award - swimming challenge), Isabel L (Stage 6+7 swimming award and Bronze Award - swimming challenge), Liam H (Stage 2 swimming award), Frankee (Certificate of Achievement for guitar), Joshua (for conquering Tree Top Junior at Go Ape), Chelsea (Tae Kwon Do promotion to green stripe belt), Anya (enrolment at Beavers), Jemima (Level 1 gymnastics proficiency award) and Farah (3 new Brownie badges).


All the children who have achieved 20 reads have been invited to Mrs Bitcon's Tea Party: Owen, Finley B, Joshua, Georgia, William, Rowan, Olivia, Joshua, Aimee, Billy, Rebecca, Sophie, Katie, Ethan S and Callum.


Mrs Bitcon also invited the following children to visit the bookshop with her to celebrate achieving 80 reads: Casie-Leigh, Charlotte, Arabella, Henry, Michael, Chloe, Finlay M, Jasmine, Thomas, Gracie, Jack L, Connor, Eve, Oliver, Megan and Millie P. 


The following children received their badges for Maths:

Bronze - Aaron, Wanessa, Maize and Darren.

Silver    - George, Sophia, Maisie, Jemima and Alfie.

Gold      - Frankee, Alice, Isabel, Chelsea, Sam, Gerard, Megan, Jack,      Callum,  Joshua and Lacey.


Well done everyone!