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Celebration Assembly

This morning we were very pleased to celebrate the achievements of the following children: Josh P (Big Read medal), Paige (Big Read medal), Alice (Miraculous Magic certificate and swimming challenge Silver Award), Emily and Michael (completing 8 miles during Bredon Hill Bikeaway), Frankee (2nd place in Great Comberton Show competition), Alex (Big Friendly Read medal), Hetty (Duckling Award 1 and 2), Milo (swimming challenge Silver Award), William (50m swimming distance award and Stage 5 swimming award), Arabella (Stage 2+3 swimming awards and 10m distance award), Carla (25m swimming distance award), Cody (25m swimming distance award) and Brett, Alex, Logan S, Finlay M, Jack, Gabriel and Chelsea (for taking part in a Football Tournament at Bowbrook House School).  Mrs Bitcon also gave out bronze medals to Anya, Chelsea, Olivia, Aimee, Brett, Alex, Samuel and Joshua which they won at South Worcestershire Quicksticks Festival in October.


The children who had achieved 20, 40 or 60 reads were presented with a badge and all the children with birthdays from 1 October - 10 November were given a piece of birthday cake!


Thank you to all the parents and friends who came to our Assembly this morning.