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Celebration Assembly

Thank you to all our parents who came to Celebration Assembly this morning.  We were proud to celebrate the achievements of the following children: Alex (Chief Scouts Bronze Award), Carla (Blue Peter Badge for her River Poem), Olivia (Blue Peter Badge),  Frankee (Blue Peter Badge for her nature song), Isabel L (Blue Peter Badge for her letter and story telling of her visit to The Black Country Museum),  Jack L (Blue Peter Badge for his letter about his trip to The Black Country Museum), Milo and Alfie (members of Pershore Swimming Club), Amelia (British Gymnastics Proficiency Award Level 7), Emily (ASA Swimming Challenge - Silver Award), Kian (ASA Duckling Award Grade 3 + 4), Alisha (Karate belt), Cian (Beaver Investiture and Jiu Jitsu belt) and Rebecca who received a letter from the Queen thanking her for her splendid card and kind message sent for Christmas.


A certificate was presented to Year 4 who recently took part in a Dancefest Festival in Evesham.


Mrs Bitcon also gave out badges and rewards to all the children who had achieved their Maths and Reading Awards.


Well done everyone!