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Celebration Assembly

This morning we celebrated the achievements of the following children:

Katie (Blue Peter Badge for her letter about her swimming lessons), Cody ( Stage 7 swimming award and Football Medal), Charlotte (Stage 7 swimming award and 100m distance award), Jack L (Stage 4 swimming award, Purple Blue Peter Badge Award and running the 5K Asparagus Run in 39 minutes!), Jemima (Swimming Challenge Bronze Award), Jack R (Swimming Challenge Silver Award and 800m distance award), Alex (Stage 3 swimming award), Juliette (Stage 1 swimming award), Carla (Swimming Challenge Bronze Award, 400m distance award and  Green Blue Peter Badge Award for her letter about going on a nature trail), Kian (Stage 1 swimming award and 5m distance award), Jack B (Stage 1 swimming award), Seren (Grade 4 Duckling Award), Rowan (Stage 3 swimming award and 10m distance award), Alice (taking part in the Asparagus Run), Isabel L (taking part in the 5K Asparagus Run), Connor (gaining 2 Beavers badges), Michael (Tae Kwon Do) and Finley B (completing a Tennis for Kids Course at Pershore Tennis Centre).  All the children who took part in our winning entry at the Carnival were also presented with their trophy.  Well done everyone!