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The Plum Festival

INTRODUCING THE PLUM POSSE! Brand new to this year’s Pershore Plum Festival.


Plum Blossom Sunday takes place this year on 7 July.  This has always been the event when we select junior members of the Plum Festival team.  Traditionally we have limited the event to girls but we want to encourage everyone to get involved in Pershore Plum Festival so, from this year, the event will be open to all children aged 8 - 11 years as we seek volunteers to join Prunella and Egbert in their Plum Posse.


The Plum Posse are responsible for welcoming visitors to the Plum Festival Events throughout August.  We are looking for young people who want to get involved in their local community and have the confidence to chat to visitors, hand out information and generally make people feel welcome.


Applications are open to all children aged 8 - 11 years in our local area.  Applications can be made online at  The deadline is 16 June 2024.